A weekend of good food, good friends and close family. Grateful.


It was Tweenie’s 12th birthday this month, and when asked what kind of cake she wanted, her answer was quick. Chocolate. Chocolate mudcake. The kid loves chocolate anything. If I introduced her to chocolate insects, she’d probably delight in another food group that she could just add chocolate to. She didn’t want a party, she just wanted to go to the Hellenic Club (biggest playground EVA) for dinner and have 3 friends for a sleep over. Bless her, she’s a simple girl, friends and family, those are the two things that make her world go round. That is not a flattering first thing in the morning photo of me, but my girl is too gosh darn gorgeous, I don’t care what I look like.  Continue reading

Snapper by The Lake @ The Yacht Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club – Review


What better view of Canberra’s iconic Black Mountain Tower (or Telstra Tower to us oldies) could there be? I’m standing out the front of the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s reinvention of the Fish n Chip cafe/kiosk at the Yacht Club. And my thoughts on Canberra’s newest Fish and Chippery, Snapper? Fan-fishin-tastic. I don’t know what I like more about the place? The location – watching the yachts and Canberra’s dragon boats gliding across the still, blue waters of Lake Burley Griffin, with the sun shining down, and a warm breeze making the water lap at the edges of the green, green grass?

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Saturday Night Chippy Nuggets, it’s this easy.


Chicken nuggets and chips, zooshed up.

If you have small, mid and teen sized children then you’re well aware of the allure, the addiction, the absolute obsession that children of all ages have for the chicken nugget. And if you’re intelligent enough to have read all the Women’s Weekly, Parenting Monthly (?) and Donna Hay magazines, you know just how much crap actually goes into those bite sized morsels of fools gold. I’m sure you guys know how to make chicken nuggets from scratch, but have you experimented with bits of this n that? Continue reading

In My Kitchen – October 2014

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of October. Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is? My dad says this all the time, throughout the entire 3 months of Spring, every time someone mentions Spring. Is your dad one of those dad’s with the “sayings”. My dad has a lot of sayings, and I find myself repeating these sayings to my kids. The older I get, the more like my dad I get. Much to the dismay of my Significant Other. He’d much rather me be more like my mum; she’s a doer, a list maker, a “get in and get it done” woman. My father is a Gunna. So am I. We’re Gunna Marshalls. We start stuff, with all good intentions and then remember there was something else to do, perhaps something else we started a week ago, that really needed finishing, so we move our attention to the older task. We get stuff done. Eventually.

The good thing about this, is that my mum and SO are very similar. They get shit done. That’s just what they do, they’re doers. So, frankly, they need people like my dad and I, so they have “stuff” to do. Otherwise they’d be bored. Or become crazy cat people. This is our selfie at Floriade.



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The Best seafood experience. Ever. Seafood House, Kuta, Bali


On our recent trip to Bali we made a few treks to Kuta, for shopping, sight seeing and the food. Having never been to Bali, let alone Kuta, I was a little overwhelmed. If I’m honest, Kuta isn’t somewhere I’d rush back to, if and when we head back to Bali. In saying that though, I think our spur-of-the-moment lunch stop at the Seafood House was pure genius. It was one of those restaurant experiences that you only experience a few times in your lives and it’s one that I’ll always remember. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t flash, it didn’t have Indonesians fire dancing, it didn’t have gourmet cuisine. It had damn good Cantonese cooking, and staff who knew what was good and weren’t afraid to say so, and my lovely family to share it all
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TGIF Foodie Fest and what to do with the leftovers.


It was a cold, wet, miserable Friday evening. The working week had finally finished up. TTGLIF. Thank The Good Lord It’s Friday. I picked up Tweenie from Poppy’s shop and we headed to Woolies to get some cheese n biccies, a snack with which to end the week on. A treat. I certainly didn’t feel like cooking and I couldn’t justify spending money on takeaway. A few wedges of nice cheese, an olive or two, a bowl of pretzels perhaps, and a cheap, but reasonable red. A bit of BBC Midsomer Murders and my Friday night in was planned, and accounted for. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – September 2014

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of September. September is a great month, it’s a month of promises. It’s the month of Buddy’s birthday, he’s 4 this coming weekend. Wow, where has that time gone?  Canberra was seemingly looking warmer, brighter, cheerier, September is here! But, it’s still cold in Canberra, at the moment it’s freezing cold, wet, windy and cold.  We saw the briefest glimpse of things to come, this past weekend, 18 degrees, it was almost summer, but there is more sun to come, there is the promise of warmer nights, longer days and Spring is here. Well, should be here. You can practically smell it. The cherry blossoms are blossoming, the Wattle trees are flowering bright yellow, and Hayfever is in the air. Who else is downing the antihistamines religiously each morning? Me, otherwise I’m a sneezing blubbering hot mess all day long. Spring is my most favourite season, but damn, do I suffer the entire 3 months of it.

Anyway, enough of the sinus concerns, a trip to Bali’s been had and thoroughly enjoyed, a 40th birthday is long gone, and there’s been some seriously fruity cookin going on here, so it’s time to jump into Celia’s In My Kitchen stories, and see what everyone one across the bloggin world are up to. Continue reading

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