The Best seafood experience. Ever. Seafood House, Kuta, Bali


On our recent trip to Bali we made a few treks to Kuta, for shopping, sight seeing and the food. Having never been to Bali, let alone Kuta, I was a little overwhelmed. If I’m honest, Kuta isn’t somewhere I’d rush back to, if and when we head back to Bali. In saying that though, I think our spur-of-the-moment lunch stop at the Seafood House was pure genius. It was one of those restaurant experiences that you only experience a few times in your lives and it’s one that I’ll always remember. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t flash, it didn’t have Indonesians fire dancing, it didn’t have gourmet cuisine. It had damn good Cantonese cooking, and staff who knew what was good and weren’t afraid to say so, and my lovely family to share it all
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TGIF Foodie Fest and what to do with the leftovers.


It was a cold, wet, miserable Friday evening. The working week had finally finished up. TTGLIF. Thank The Good Lord It’s Friday. I picked up Tweenie from Poppy’s shop and we headed to Woolies to get some cheese n biccies, a snack with which to end the week on. A treat. I certainly didn’t feel like cooking and I couldn’t justify spending money on takeaway. A few wedges of nice cheese, an olive or two, a bowl of pretzels perhaps, and a cheap, but reasonable red. A bit of BBC Midsomer Murders and my Friday night in was planned, and accounted for. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – September 2014

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of September. September is a great month, it’s a month of promises. It’s the month of Buddy’s birthday, he’s 4 this coming weekend. Wow, where has that time gone?  Canberra was seemingly looking warmer, brighter, cheerier, September is here! But, it’s still cold in Canberra, at the moment it’s freezing cold, wet, windy and cold.  We saw the briefest glimpse of things to come, this past weekend, 18 degrees, it was almost summer, but there is more sun to come, there is the promise of warmer nights, longer days and Spring is here. Well, should be here. You can practically smell it. The cherry blossoms are blossoming, the Wattle trees are flowering bright yellow, and Hayfever is in the air. Who else is downing the antihistamines religiously each morning? Me, otherwise I’m a sneezing blubbering hot mess all day long. Spring is my most favourite season, but damn, do I suffer the entire 3 months of it.

Anyway, enough of the sinus concerns, a trip to Bali’s been had and thoroughly enjoyed, a 40th birthday is long gone, and there’s been some seriously fruity cookin going on here, so it’s time to jump into Celia’s In My Kitchen stories, and see what everyone one across the bloggin world are up to. Continue reading

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate – Blood Orange jelly plus some mulled wine = divine


I don’t eat jelly. I’ve never liked the texture as an adult. I’m sure I sucked the goober textured sweet wobbly stuff down in bucketloads as a kid, but as an adult? I just can’t come at it. But, when I received 6.5kgs of blood oranges from Red Belly Citrus, one of the first things I thought of making was a blood orange jelly. And a couple of days later when I picked up a complimentary packet of Herbies Spices Mulling Spices from Cooking Coordinates in Bleconnen, I knew I had to make a mulled wine jelly. A posh, grown up jelly for the adults. I even bought expensive titanium gelatin sheets. Now, that’s hardcore jelly business. I wasn’t going to use the el cheapo powder gelatin (not knockin’ it, use it all the time for everything else), I was bringing out the big guns for this effort. And, as a non-jelly eating person of persuasion, it was pretty alright.

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No churn Blood Orange Ice Cream and a lovely surprise


I haven’t done a post for ages, in 16 days to be precise, and in the world of blogging that’s like months. A bit like dogs years, actually. I feel like I’ve lost ma Mojo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been busier in the kitchen than a one armed woman rustling up a Jamie’s 30 minute 2 course meal, plus salad. And I have recipes galore to share, and a trip to Bali to brag about, but, I accidentally deleted all my photo’s off my camera for the entire time I’ve had it, and feel deflated. Dejected. Despondent. Continue reading

A blood orange cure – for salmon


I’ve never cured my own salmon before. Why would you when it’s much easier to buy it already cured? It has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I usually lack the occasion to do it, dinner parties for me are about cooking the main and/or dessert and buying in pre-prepared hors d’oeuvres. But, as soon as I accepted the 6.5 kg box of blood oranges from Red Belly Citrus I knew I wanted to do a salmon or trout fillet cured in blood oranges. Combined with the fact that I’d just bought some baby beetroots and had a stack of radishes from my garden (the only damn thing to grow out of about 50 winter veg seedlings planted months ago :( ), I was pretty excited about what I was about to create. You know the fancy smoked salmon dishes you get in restaurants, always plated beautifully with fresh salad ingredients and tart, tangy dressings to go with; that’s what I wanted to put on a plate. And I think I kind of achieved it.
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A box of blood oranges, a sense of nostalgia and a new camera

Just look at the beauties that I recently received via Aust Post whilst I was overseas in Bali. Aren’t they glorious? Don’t you want to just dive mouth first into one of those divine red, red, orbs? You see blood oranges every now and again in the green grocers, but if you’re like me, you probably reach past them to grab a bag of navels, that’s what the kids prefer, isn’t it? Well, when I was asked by the lovely Bizzy Lizzy if I’d like to take part in a promotion for Redbelly Citrus blood oranges, from the Riverina, I jumped at the chance. Admittedly, I was intrigued about these perfectly round, soft, fleshy orange coloured fruits with the sometimes shockingly ruby insides, only eating them if out at a restaurant, and they’re on the menu in some dish. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this box, and started planning recipes and meals whilst still sipping on cocktails by the resort pool in Bali. Flashback, must make a Tequila Sunset with the juice… Continue reading

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