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Eat Drink Blog 15 – A Post in Pictures

In the middle of October I was lucky enough to attend the national annual Eat Drink Blog 2015 conference. When Canberra won the  vote to hold the conference, most Canberra bloggers were really excited. This was our chance to show the rest of Australia just how damn good the Nations Capital was. The place to be,… Continue reading Eat Drink Blog 15 – A Post in Pictures

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Australia’s Best Wines – Where are the Canberra Drops?

Originally posted on The Canberran:
? Canberrans are proud of our local wines. While only Mount Majura actually produces within the ACT border, we are more than happy to claim everything from Yass through to Lake George, it seems that we still can’t crack it with the best across the nation. James Halliday – possibly…

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La Spiced Pumpkin Cake – a leftover, turned magical treat

You know when you have leftover pumpkin from a massive soup making episode and you think, roasted pumpkin, or maybe pumpkin mash, or pumpkin scones or moooore pumpkin soup, whatever will I do with this mountain of pumpkin I have leftover? Well, Dear Readers, do I have a fantastic recipe for you! This will be… Continue reading La Spiced Pumpkin Cake – a leftover, turned magical treat


Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

This review for Temporada has taken me a month to put up. Why? I’d say it’s due to my complete laziness, and the fact that I’m never out of the kitchen, cooking, long enough to actually write reviews of where I’ve been when out of the kitchen. Temporada was a restaurant that had been on… Continue reading Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

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In My Kitchen – March 2015

Welcome to my kitchen for the month of March. I’ve been quite good this month and haven’t spent too much of my time buying things for my kitchen, more so being gifted fresh produce and baking like a champion. It seems like February/March is a time for figs and carrots. I know carrots aren’t in… Continue reading In My Kitchen – March 2015

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In My Kitchen – February 2015

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of February. The holidays are over, Tweenie started high school, Buddy started pre-school, we returned to dreary old work, and the world goes on. Easter is the next big event on our social calendar, and I’m trying to get out and experience new places to eat with friends… Continue reading In My Kitchen – February 2015