La Spiced Pumpkin Cake – a leftover, turned magical treat


You know when you have leftover pumpkin from a massive soup making episode and you think, roasted pumpkin, or maybe pumpkin mash, or pumpkin scones or moooore pumpkin soup, whatever will I do with this mountain of pumpkin I have leftover? Well, Dear Readers, do I have a fantastic recipe for you! This will be the reason why you ensure you have 425gms of leftover mashed pumpkin every time you make soup. Wondrous things are often borne out of necessity and I have a necessity to make cake out of whatever the hell is left in my fridge. The pumpkin is quite mild in this cake, but pumpkin is naturally a sweet vegie and lends itself well to the spices and sugar in this cake. This cake is dairy free, could be gluten free and you could use a lighter oil if you wanted it lower in fat. I’d go so far as to say it’s guilt free too. But then, when have I needed to an excuse to bake and eat cake?

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Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

This review for Temporada has taken me a month to put up. Why? I’d say it’s due to my complete laziness, and the fact that I’m never out of the kitchen, cooking, long enough to actually write reviews of where I’ve been when out of the kitchen. Temporada was a restaurant that had been on my To Do list for donkey’s, but I seem to only get to the trendiest of restaurants in Canberra when my friend A is in Canberra, over from the Solomon Islands. Which is probably a good thing, as it gives me time to save up, when she’s not in the country. We do like to dine out together.


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In My Kitchen – March 2015

Welcome to my kitchen for the month of March.

I’ve been quite good this month and haven’t spent too much of my time buying things for my kitchen, more so being gifted fresh produce and baking like a champion. It seems like February/March is a time for figs and carrots. I know carrots aren’t in season, but when one is gifted 3 bags of carrots you do not look the gift horse in the mouth, nor do you feed the gift horse carrots. In fact, one makes carrot cakes. And I’ve made 9 carrot cakes in 4 weeks.

So, let’s see what’s in my kitchen (or was before they were eaten) for the month of March.

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In My Kitchen – February 2015

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of February.

The holidays are over, Tweenie started high school, Buddy started pre-school, we returned to dreary old work, and the world goes on. Easter is the next big event on our social calendar, and I’m trying to get out and experience new places to eat with friends to eat with. Not a lot happening on the home front, the garden was a miserable failure, and the chooks got gobbled up by Mr Fox. So, onwards and upwards, we shall start all over again! Hopefully the remaining year of 2015 in our backyard is a little more prolific and productive.

So, what’s in my kitchen for February?


First up, here’s my little Buddy on his first day of preschool, getting a brain freeze from frozen strawberry and chocolate thickshake. He’s so cute.

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High Fidelity, Phoenix Players – A Review


A Night at the Theater

I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to see a local Canberra musical based on a cult movie that I’ve watched several times. It’s one of those classic movies where you feel a connection with the characters, and even though they’re all terribly flawed, you envy their position in life and wish you were just a bit as cool as them.

The movie turned musical is High Fidelity. Emily Allen met with the co-director of the show, Sarah hull here Continue reading

A long weekend, a fig and port cake and a jar or two.

Australia Day at Snapper on the Lake, Yacht Club

Australia Day at Snapper on the Lake, Yacht Club

It was the Australia Day long weekend, and I had it all to myself. SO had taken the kids down the coast for 4 lovely days. I had the house to myself, the remote to myself, the bed to myself and the kitchen to myself. Oh, the quiet, the peace and tranquility, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But, if truth be told, I can’t sleep when there’s no one here but me. I wake at every sound, I’m paranoid about the windows, the doors and the manhole being open. I leave the fan on, the tv on and the hall light on. And then nod off around 2am. So the kids will get back, it’ll be time to go back to work and I’ll be tired. C’set la vie.  Continue reading

Morks, Kingston Foreshore – A Review


Pinot Gris, trendy Canberra dining, great dinner guests, Christmas round the corner, could it get any better?

This will probably be the worst review you’ve read about Morks. Why? Well, I’d like to think of myself as a true foodie first, and a blogger second, therefore I photographed, ate, enjoyed and gesticulated wildly about the place, and ate some more, drank a fabulous Alsace Pinot Gris, (thanks M, tops choice), yapped and caught up on all the Solomon Island gossip, and ate some more. And since I visited Morks in mid December, my memory aint what it used to be.

So, I’ve completely forgotten to write down what two out of our 6 dishes were. I put my plea out to the Twitter world, I hashtagged Morks on Instagram and I even read every review on Urban Spoon for Morks in the hopes someone et what I et. How can noone in Canberra, out of the thousands upon thousands of Morks diners not have properly labelled their photo’s of the same meals that I ate? It doesn’t make sense. And before you say, duh, check out their online menu, Morks regularly updates their menu depending on what’s fresh and in season. Rude! Anyway, if noone responds to my frantic social media efforts, here’s at it…

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